When Your Child Should Start for Nursery?

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Being a parent, you have to make various crucial decisions for your children from the day your child is born. One of them is when to send them to a nursery. You have to make the right decision regarding their schooling and education.

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The UK Government provides funds to nursery places designed for children aged between three and four years. Hence, many experts say that this should be considered the right age for children to start going to nursery. However, many parents find it a highly simplistic conclusion for such a crucial matter related to their child’s growth.

What Options Have You Related to Your Child’s Age?

Nowadays, parents, especially mothers, return to work after delivery quicker than before. Hence, they always look for a safe and reliable place to keep their babies. They prefer nurseries where children under three can get the right care and guidance. There are lots of options for parents who want to get their child into a nursery earlier than this.

Babies Aged between 0 to 1

There are some nurseries that offer childcare for babies aged between 0 to 1. That means you can avail this facility for your newborn if you need to get back to your job or other scheduled work soon after your delivery. However, the youngest babies typically start nursery at the approximate age of three.

Ensure that the nursery you choose in Reigate has the experience to handle newborns. The place also needs to maintain the government standards of child safety and security.

Babies Aged between 1 to 2

This is common to see toddlers in nurseries. Children aged between 1 to 2 generally find it difficult to manage in nurseries without their parents or grandparents for the first one or two weeks. However, if the daycare is good enough to handle children, especially toddlers, you do not need to worry about this. The stress is temporary in toddlers, and soon they start feeling happy, fun, and excited in their nursery with their new friends and teachers.

Children Aged More than 3

Children aged between three and four can feel extremely good and happy in their nursery. They can take part in various activities and learn new exciting things that can help them in their overall wellbeing and growth.


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