Things You Must Know Before Sending Your Child to Preschool

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When as a parent, you think about the future of your child; the very first thing that comes to your mind is his or her education. It is not only essential to get a good lifestyle but to become a good human being as well. This makes the selection of the right preschool for your child is highly crucial.

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Preschool is the place where your kid gets is introduced to the idea of schooling for the very first time. This is the first educative phase of their life and you need to be careful while choosing a preschool for your kids.

There are certain things that you must be aware of in the preschools or nursery schools in Redhill before you take your child to any of them.

Does Your Child Need Preschooling?

Yes, surely. The ambiance of preschool always sets the base of education, schooling, and learning for kids. This is the place where they first learn to spend a certain time outside their home (the safest place for them) and without their parents. These schools not only offer them basic education but help them in their mental, emotional and social growth. This system helps them a lot to feel accommodated within the ambiance of nursery school, kindergarten, or elementary school.

What is the Right Age to Enrol a Child in a Preschool?

As per the child education experts and the child psychologists, 2.5 is the right age for kids to enter preschools. However, many parents think that 3 is a more accepted age for this and they are also right. There are a lot of things that parents should consider while determining the right age of their children for preschool admission.

Daily Routine: Playschools maintain various timetables for the children to enjoy different activities like playing, studying, lunch, and nap time. There are activities like storytelling and gardening as well. If you think that your child is ready to follow such a routine, you can look for a reputable playschool near your home for him or her.

Physical Stamina: Children at playschools learn to explore and interact with the outer world in a new way. This demands some sort of physical stamina. They need to participate in various types of fun-filled physical activities in playschools. Ensure that your child has enough stamina to be a part of that fun.


Apart from that, a child must be independent enough to complete minimal tasks in school and should have good communication skills to join preschool curriculum.

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