Social Communication Skill in Toddlers: How to Make Them Prepare

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It is crucial to be careful about the development of the social skills of your toddler. This can be a major challenge for every parent. Your child needs to be prepared for this from the day he opens his eyes. You should start this process even before sending him to a nursery school in Reigate.

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Developing social skills has various steps. You need to be patient while helping your children to interact with others. This interaction plays a vital role in determining their success and achievements, both in their personal and professional lives.

Important Points to Remember while Developing Child’s Social Skills

Understanding Social Skills

It is imperative to understand what “social skills” mean. It is about the connection between an individual and the society around them. It includes verbal communication, listening to others, physical interactions, displaying empathy, acknowledging views and respecting differences of opinions. Educate your child about all these things so that they can understand the practical values of these factors in their life from the very beginning. Teach them to say words like “thank you” and “sorry” where these are applicable.

Encourage Eye-Contact

Eye contact plays a vital role in developing social skills in children. Encourage your child to look into the eyes of the person they are talking to. This will build their confidence and make conversion interesting for them. You can encourage your children to talk to their toys or teddy bear while playing with them.

Tell them about Emotions

Introduce various emotions to your child from the very beginning of this learning process. Let them imitate different types of emotions like joy, disappointment, anger, sorrow, tiredness, terror, excitement and mischief. Play games where these emotions can be expressed clearly. This will help your child feel free to express their feelings in school and other social places.

Make Your Children Communicate

Verbally or non-verbally, communication is vital at every step of developing social skills. Encourage your children to communicate via words, letters, drawing or sign language. Interaction with family, teachers and friends is highly important to developing strong social skills.

Choose a Good Nursery School

The role of a good nursery school in your child’s social skill development process is immense. You must choose a reputable nursery school where your children can learn new things and develop social skills.


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