Sending Your Children To The Best Nursery? 4 Tips For The First Day

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Early childhood education is vital for every child and choosing the right preschool can make a huge difference. You enrolled your children in the best nursery in Redhill. The first day of pre-school has finally arrived and it’s time for your children to begin his/her educational journey. But, are you perplexed about how to make the monumental first day of your child a great one? Read on.

first day of nursery preschool

The first day at nursery or pre-school marks an important transition for your family. Though your little one will be away just for a few hours, the first day is a big step. Perhaps, there’s a backpack stuffed with supplies like paper, pencils, crayons and glue sticks waiting by your door. You may have the first-day-outfit hanging in the closet the snack ready to go. But, how do you make your child’s first day at pre-school a great experience?

Listed below are a few tips to handle the first days of your child’s pre-school.

Nursery In Redhill: Useful Tips To Handle The First Day Of Preschool For Your Children

  • Give Your Children Enough Time

One of the most vital considerations to take into account is not to rush through the morning. This is because hurrying up on the first day will make your child feel stressed. Ensure your children goes to bed early the night before so that he/she can wake up ready to go. This way, there won’t be the risk of being late to school due to your child’s tantrums. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rush in the morning. 

  • Help Your Toddler Settle In

Arrive at the nursery school beforehand so that you have plenty of time to stick around for a few minutes. Let your children take you on a tour of the school when you drop them off. Ask your toddler to tell you what they see. In case you are nervous, you can call up the nursery and check on your children. A top nursery in Redhill will be happy to give you the first day updates.

  • Be Cheerful

The anxiety of sending your child away from home may indeed be eating you up from inside. However, don’t let on because nerves are very contagious. If you seem to be confident and your tone’s positive, chances are that your child will be upbeat too. So, you should put on a happy face to ensure your child remains happy too.

  • Keep The Good-Byes Short & Sweet

When it’s time to make an exit, ensure you hold back tears and smile as much as you can. Give your little one a tight hug and let her/him know that you’ll be back soon. Then head out and don’t linger since your children won’t be able to get on with the first day until you do. No matter how tempting it may be, never sneak out when your children looks the other way. Remember; this can make your child feel insecure.

Time to prepare for the first day!

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