Preschool Preparation: How to Handle It for Your Baby?

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As a parent, you always have to prepare your child for different phases of his life. This probably starts with toilet training and goes on and on. Preparing your children for preschool is one of the toughest parts for every parent. Starting preschool is a major step for your child. You have an essential role in making them ready for this new ambiance and bunch of people of their life they will be facing in nursery and preschool in Reigate.

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Why is Preparation Necessary?

A preschool will be the first-ever place for your child where they will stay for a longer period without parents, grandparents or any close family members. This will be the first “unknown ambiance” for them where they need to interact with strangers and follow instructions. This may make them feel nervous, stressed, sad and confused.

Thus, you should make them prepared for the situations they will face in a preschool and help them to cope with their emotional stress.

Many children cry while going to school for the first time. Some of them show tantrums, and some feel nervous. When you prepare your child carefully, things become easier for them to understand and handle.

How to Train them for Nursery and Preschool?

  1. Talk to them about preschool. What it is, and how it is? Tell them about people they will see and meet in a school. Show them pictures and videos of preschools where children are learning and interacting with teachers.
  2. If possible, take them to their preschool even before you admit them officially. Let them see the place and feel familiar with it. This will make their first day at school easy.
  3. Establish a routine and start following it at least one month before your child starts going to preschool. This will make them habituated with their new schedule, and they will not find it difficult to fit into it. For example, if your child has the habit of waking up late in the morning, set the routine of early rising at least three to four weeks prior to his preschool journey.
  4. Make them feel confident about themselves own self. This will help them to find it easier to manage themselves in such an unknown ambiance. Train them to communicate so that they can interact with teachers and friends freely.

Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School is an ideal place for your children to start their journey towards the never-ending path of education and wisdom. We have a great ambiance for children in our nursery and preschool in Reigate. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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