Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School
Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School
Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School

A Renowned Nursery and Preschool in Horley

If you are a resident of Horley, a nursery is the best place where your kids can create some golden memories which will influence their later life. At Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School, we let our students explore new things and create some memorable early learning experiences in our lovely forest school. Children are taught how to identify and process their emotion in a healthy manner. The activities are crafted with a focus on incorporating elements of interpretation and reflection.

Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School is simply the name to trust if you are looking for a preschool or nursery in Horley where the learning of the children will be closely monitored and the progress of each student will be discussed with their parents. Children will be introduced to new words and emotions in our preschool in Horley. They can acquire new skills and enhance their knowledge here.

Horley Nursery & Preschool

At Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School in Horley, we believe that ‘your childhood is your own to enjoy to the fullest extent possible’ and that your earliest learning experiences, loving bonds and golden memories may influence your learning and later life.

We are a small group of fun-loving, outdoorsy children (birth – 5 yrs) who love to explore and learn as much as possible outdoors in our lovely forest school with our pets and wildlife. We spend our days happily playing in the sunshine whilst we learn OFSTED’s EYFS, grow our own vegetables, walk our puppy and look after our horse.

Children’s happiness and development are the most important things here, the only plans we have are to do what the children want and ensure they learn from their experiences.

Unbeknown to children, their learning is very closely monitored and parents evenings are held every 4 months to discuss progress.

Portfield Farm is a private house, owned by Mandy Sutton and has a purpose built nursery at the end of it. There is also a large garden for the children to play in, a 5 acre field and two woods – a bluebell wood and a 1 1/2 acre wood.

Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School


Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School

Our babies receive lots of love and attention as we guarantee a 1:3 ratio of dedicated staff.

We are a small group of fun-loving outdoorsy children progressing happily through OFSTED’s Early Years Foundation Stage, whilst enjoying life experiences and child-led play with adult support. Located in tranquil rural surroundings, children also enjoy gardening and Forest School activities in Horley.

Each child’s progress is individually planned and carefully monitored across all fields of learning, to ensure that they receive a sound foundation for their future education.

All staff are well qualified and very experienced in child care, first aid and safeguarding.

Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School

We encourage children to:

  • Develop personal, social and practical skills
  • Build confidence in evaluating risk and decision making
  • Understand the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Boost their concentration skills
  • Work through various challenges and practical problems
  • Acquire knowledge which best interests them
  • Reflect on their everyday learning as well as experiences
  • Develop communication and language skills
  • Discover the connection between human beings, wildlife and nature
  • Boost their physical motor skills
  • Improve their focus and stay motivated
  • Express their emotions healthily
  • Learn the ways to manage failure
  • Experience achievements and great experience regularly
  • Discover the ways they learn best
  • Make memories which influence their learning
forest school

Benefits from Play

For the person playing:

Physical Benefits


  • Co-ordination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Strength
  • Stamina – cardiovascular and aerobic fitness

Emotional Benefits


  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Recognition of emotions and ability to respond appropriately
  • Ability to work through emotions
  • Feeling of controlling one’s own life

Establishing a habit of exercise

Mental Benefits


  • Problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Risk awareness and judgement (physical and emotional risks)
  • Sense of self / autonomous thinking Independence
  • Sense of place in the world / belonging
  • Understanding of, and connection to the world
  • Social skills – communication, negotiation, relationship building
  • Responsibility / looking after each other
  • Awareness of other people
  • Interest for understanding more

General benefits:

  • Strengthens the community
  • Saves money / resources / work
  • Encourages more people to play
  • Provides good role models

Toddlers & Preschool

toddlers preschool

Ages 2yrs – 4yrs 11mths. Currently children move between 2 rooms with lots of play areas.

Some of the activities children may take part in:

  • Arts & crafts
  • Cooking & baking
  • Dough play
  • Interactive learning
  • Outside play
  • Picnics
  • Role play
  • Show & tell
  • Story time & reading
  • Understanding the world
  • Forest School activities
  • Construction toys
  • Discovering nature
  • Games & puzzles
  • Number skills
  • Pencil skills
  • Project work
  • Sand & water play
  • Social play
  • Music & rhymes

For all your enquiries call us: 07427 633238