How Can a Nursery School Help Your Child’s Overall Development?

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A nursery school or preschool is the first place in their life where your child stays away from you and the house. They do not get the parental care and comfort which might make them feel nervous, anxious and sad in the beginning. However, nursery school is that same place where your child will learn new things, explore their senses and interact with friends.

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Hence, nursery schools play vital role in the process of overall development of your children. These schools are important to build a robust foundation for the rest of the life of your child.

These schools follow a special kind of curriculum and system to help the little learners get associated with various things that probably they are experiencing for the first time.

Things Your Child Will Get to Know in Nursery Schools

Play Activities to Learn New Things

In these schools, various kinds of play activities are introduced to your child to teach them new things in life. From various shapes to colours and from different objects to emotions – everything is introduced to them in form of fun and play activities so that children feel excited to know more about these things.

Teaching in the Lap of Nature

If you send your child to an Eco Nursery School, they will get the chance to learn new things in the lap of nature. They will be introduced to many outdoor activities and spend ample time with nature. This will help them in their early growth years. Real world learning process make the children feels more confident and give them a clear idea of what they are learning in their books.

Developing EQ along with IQ

Along with the Intelligent Quotient of a child, it is important to help him in the development of his EQ or Emotional Quotient. EQ is the ability to recognise, manage and understand various emotions in human life. A child should be aware of emotions like sadness, happiness, compassion and kindness. Nursery schools are the right place where they interact with people of various ages and explore their emotional journeys.

DIY for Children

These schools often carry out various DIY projects for children that make them feel highly excited and happy. These activities are an excellent way to build confidence in a child and help them to work with their ideas.


At Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School in Surrey, we offer a great ambiance for children to help them experience and learn new things in their lives. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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