Children At Home During The Pandemic? Tips By Nursery Teachers To Keep Them Safe

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The coronavirus outbreak has made social distancing mandatory in Reigate so children are spending a majority of their time indoors nowadays. Even adults are being directed by public health officials to stay at home except for essential activities. Keeping children entertained is a challenge for a few parents. If your focus is on keeping them mentally and physically healthy, follow the tips stated below:

coronavirus outbreak nursery tips

Let Them Know Why They Should Stay At Home

  • Since children hate spending time indoor, let them know how social distancing can prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Make sure they avoid unnecessary exposure with other family members with a weak immune system.

Don’t Allow Playdates

  • Even if your children are getting bored at home, make sure they don’t visit someone else’s home or get together to play in small groups.
  • Any child in your locality might be contagious and you might not even know it as it takes around 2 weeks to develop symptoms of coronavirus.

Keep Them Away From Symptomatic Family Members

  • If someone in your family is sick, keep them in a separate room and instruct your children not to go there.
  • If you feel that they are getting bored at home, get in touch with someone teaching in a nursery in Reigate for some tips to keep them entertained.

Practice Basic Hygiene

  • Practising basic hygiene will not only keep children safe during the coronavirus outbreak but also make proper utilisation of their time.
  • Since children’ palms are very tender, they might become dry due to frequent hand-washing and sanitising so make sure you keep them moisturised.

Time to follow the tips stated above and you can keep your children safe and entertained during the pandemic.

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