Best Easter Activities for Your Nursery Going Child

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Easter is on its way, and April days are getting brighter than there were a few weeks ago. This is the perfect time to fill our days with some fun activities, especially for children who are in nursery schools in Reigate.

Easter Activities

If you have children in nursery or playschools and you cannot understand how to keep them busy during this Easter time, this blog may be helpful for you.

Fun-Filled Easter Activities

Crafts with Toilet Roll

Do you have empty toilet rolls in your home? Use them to create fun figures. You can also use some art paper to create faces of animals and cartoons on those rolls. Let your child draw and paint those papers. They can be great binoculars or Easter egg baskets for your children’s Easter egg hunt.

Potato Stamping

This is probably the simplest task that you can ask your toddler to do during Easter decoration. Take some potatoes from your vegetable basket, chop them in half and carve some designs on the flattened side. Help your child to make their own potato art. These half chopped potatoes often look like Easter eggs because of their oval shape. You can hang them up to decorate your rooms on Easter.

Easter Cards

If you find that your toddlers have a special interest in drawing and painting, encourage them to utilise their passion for creating some beautiful and cute Easter cards. Give them art papers and crayons or oil paintbrushes. Let them pour their imaginations into those pieces of paper and get some amazing cards.

Seed Planting

If you have a beautiful garden, this is the best time for seed planting. This can be a great way to encourage your little ones to feel close to nature and understand the importance of plantations for our environment. This outdoor activity will not only make your children happy but also help them to understand the connection between humans and Mother Nature.

Finger Paints

Children always love to play with paints and colours. Give them a big piece of paper and some oil paints. They would love to paint it with their hands. Finger paints can be a great family activity during Easter. You can later frame that paper as a memory of your beautiful family time.


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