5 Ways To Make General Knowledge Interesting to Preschoolers

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General knowledge or general awareness is tough to study subject. The primary basics of this subject concern taking in the information of everything that’s happening around us. Generally, this subject is neglected in the initial days by schools and parents. However, if your child is planning to participate in any interschool competitions later, then this is the subject they’ll be needing.

GK in preschool

Starting with a bit of GK from preschool can be refreshing for preschoolers. All nurseries in Redhill prefer using exciting ways to incorporate the information within the young minds.

How would you teach GK in preschool?

Make references with toys

Games like cricket, football and hockey have a lot of GK information attached to them. You can quickly start talking about the same with children. while they are engaged with the game. This might take time, but repetitive conveying of the information will begin teaching the information in their mind while they are at lay.

Speak about colours and lights

Teaching children about colours is the basic training that is given in any preschool. Along with the same, you can start sharing some related information. For instance, make them identify the colours of a rainbow. This is an essential piece of information for a child.

Conduct nature classes

Nature has lots of hidden information. Engaging the preschoolers with nature’s miracles will help them to concentrate more on the knowledge part. For instance, taking toddlers to a nearby garden or visiting the zoo can be a good initiative. They’ll be excited to see the animals and also learn about the same in the meantime.

Start with picture card games

Another highly effective way of teaching nursery toddlers about general knowledge is by using picture cards. Picture cards are available in all types. You can try out animals, fruits, vegetables, colours and lots more. Picture cards are attractive, and preschoolers give attention to the same very quickly.

Take them on tours

Take them for nearby tours to places where you can share some helpful information. Parents of all children can also accompany them. You can’t teach a preschooler physics or biology. But you can make them understand the ordinary things like the sun, moon, water, fire, mountains etc. Limiting their study within four walls will not help in their mental growth.


Portfield Farm Eco Nursery and Forest School have taken the initiative of arranging forest camps and nature schools for . This smart preschool strategy has helped them to nurture the young minds by introducing them practically to nature and animals.

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