4 Ways Schools can Create an Eco-friendly Learning Environment

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The development of eco-friendly habits from the beginning of the learning stage can bring positive change to the world. Eco-friendly nursery schools are the new trend in different parts of Horley, where children are taught sustainable learning methods. With the help of sustainable learning methods, the schools are building a positive relationship of children with nature and the environment. This helps to build a sense of care among the children, and they can effectively connect with nature. With the help of different playful activities, schools try to help in eco-learning. Read on to know more about the types of eco learning processes in Horley nurseries.

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How do schools help in eco-learning activities?

It helps to reduce negative mindset

Schools generally build the mindset of the children showing that harmful things must be avoided that cause damage to the environment. The teachers generally discuss the impact of wasting paper on the environment. Teachers also teach positive ideas into the mind of the children to highlight that they must maintain these aspects of sustainability in their daily life.

Helps to manage the wastes

Schools teach the children to put the organic wastes into small composting boxes and ensure waste recycling within the children studying in school. From a very early age, this practice helps the children build a positive mindset and habit about the management of waste. Children follow environmentally friendly ways of discarding waste. The schools also make the children realise that there are places where the wastes must be discarded effectively.

It helps children connect with nature

Schools nowadays insist on embarking on a journey of greenery. They surround the school premises and the children with natural materials and nature. For instance, some schools use forest-based classroom environments to make sure that the students start to love nature and develop an affinity for the same. Schools try to build a bond between the children and nature. They make children perform activities like the sowing of seeds, growing bee-friendly plants and using rainwater processes to nourish the plants. In this manner, children develop a love of nature and can learn the caring techniques for the same.

Recycle and save energy

Among the different eco learning activities, every school focuses on teaching children to learn waste recycling methods and energy-saving methods. This will help children become aware of the negative uses of energy, and they can easily plan out the same accordingly in the coming days.


At Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School in Horley, we make learning experiences enjoyable and help children connect with pets and nature. At the same time, they learn and gain knowledge about handling the environment safely. Check our website for further details.

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