4 Important Skills that Children Learn in Nursery Schools

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The concept of nursery schools is to introduce a child to the basic foundations of the education system. However, before throwing your child into the vast ocean of never-ending knowledge, nurture their minds and try to teach them a few basic skills. A quick view of the nursery preschools will show you a lively and colourful environment created specially to keep the children engaged for a long time.

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Most of the nurseries in Redhill arrange for indoor and outdoor games, shapes, colours, and numbering bulletins to teach different hand-eye coordination and other skills for children’s brain development. However, these are the few skills that every child needs to learn in nursery schools.

What are the common skills that children develop from nursery schools?

Independence skills

The first and foremost focus of the teachers at the nursery is to make the students independent. Thye is taught to set up their lunch boxes, tying up their shoelaces and voice out about their basic toilet needs. They are made aware of basic feelings like pain, hunger, anger and happiness. This helps them to express themselves to their teachers and friends.

Listening skills

Many parents have the common problem that their child doesn’t listen or follow their orders. Thus, the nursery school teachers have to inculcate the sense of order following skills within the children. They use multi-step direction techniques and also read instructions to them. This helps in developing the listening skills of a child fast.

Social skills

Nursery is the perfect place where a child develops sharing and caring skills. Since many children of the same age group are allowed to interact, the sharing and caring skills develop automatically. The teachers help to foster emotional development in the children as well.

Motor skills

As mentioned earlier, special attention is given to developing motor skills for children who have successfully developed these skills. This is a vital portion of teaching in a nursery. Here a child is taught to use spoons, crayons, scissors and other minor activities accurately. Moreover, activities like singing, dancing, craft making are also included to make the child active. This process also makes the unruly children sit with one single activity for a long time.

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