4 Effective Tips to Motivate Children for School

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Schools form an integral part of every child’s life. School builds up the basic foundation of an individual. However, it becomes a difficult task for children to get them out of bed and persuade them to get ready for school. The phenomenon of refusing to go to a school has been going on for generations now. You’ll face problems from children and denials regarding schools. This is common and should be treated patiently.

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For instance, several preschools in Reigate develops a sense of school within the children. The task of these schools is to prepare the child mentally for primary schools. Once your child understands the value of a school, they will start enjoying the same. However, as a parent, you must use some smart strategies to motivate your child.

How to encourage your child to go to school?

Make the affair interesting

Admit them to schools that plan interesting activities as a part of the teaching methods. If the child has some point of interest to look forward to, they will be motivated to visit schools and won’t require any encouragement from the parents. If a school starts pressuring children from the beginning, then a sense of fear will be created in their little minds.

Include treats system

Every child is fond of treats. Nothing melts their heart more than a lovely piece of chocolate. Hence, you need to include the same as a part of the motivation.

Try motivating the child with their favourite food. Offer them a special treatment plan if they stop throwing tantrums and goes to school. This is a huge motivation on the part of the child. This is also a psychological act that induces positivity within children.

Discuss their issues

If the child is afraid to go to school, then there are certainly some problems in the school environment. You must try to identify the same at the earliest and resolve it. Sometimes a child might be afraid to go to school because he is either bullied by the teachers or fellow students. Whatever might be the reason, mitigating the same will make the concept of school welcoming to your child. Hence, be patient, take time and discuss the issues with your child. Also, take the initiative of discussing the same with the school authorities as well.

Please don’t force them

Don’t be rude, and don’t force children to go to school. Nagging is a common thing among children. But if you try to force them to go to school, you might not get a positive outcome. Excess pressure may turn them completely negative. From the parent’s end, rudeness makes children feel that their point of view is not being understood. Hence be patient and take time. At the initial stage, your child may end up missing a few classes. However, that’s ok! Take things lightly and make the habit gradually.


At Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School, we follow a special method of teaching where your child get the opportunity of interacting with our pet animals while they are in school. This attractive initiative encourages children to come to school daily. Enrol your child here and help them experience the happiness of going to a school.

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