4 Easy Ways to Raise a Toddler to be a Good Reader

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Literacy doesn’t mean that you have to admit your child to school. On the contrary, it starts from the very day when your child has been born. Babies and toddlers have the habit of picking up skills like reading, hearing, acting and speaking from a very early age. Most of their mental development occurs between two to five years of age. Reading is not a natural skill that your toddler will develop among the different skills. Rather it is a complex skill and has to be taught with proper care and planning.

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The majority of nursery schools in Reigate concentrate on encouraging the children to engage in different phonic activities and cultivate the habit of reading as early as possible. Nursery schools generally try the following effective and fun learning strategies with toddlers and children to develop their reading skills.

How do schools help to develop reading skills from an early age?

Rhymes, songs and story reading sessions

Nursery schools use the technique of repeatedly making the child hear the nursery rhymes and songs so that the children become acquainted with the syllables of the song. An interesting way to teach phonemic awareness is to clap rhythmically and recite together. This helps to develop reading and literacy skills easily.

Increasing vocabulary with simple word cards

To make reading interesting, the schools generally make simple word cards with pictorial presentations. This activity helps the children to identify words in sync with the pictures. Since the toddlers are just learning the words, it is important to remember to start the session with small words and focus more on the alphabet.

Reading technologies for better engagement

Toddlers are always extremely eager to learn. They are always motivated and excited about learning new things. Hence, nursery schools are focused on using different technologies that help to promote reading habits from an early age within children. To make the activity fun, they use games that helps in memorising the words and the vocabulary.

Read together daily

This is a very effective strategy that most nursery schools follow. They read together with the children and frame questions after the reading session. This improves the memory skills of children and helps to strengthen their comprehension skills. You can ask pertinent questions about what they have heard from the stories for slightly older ones who have become versed with the language.

nursery school in Reigate

At Portfield Farm Eco Nursery & Forest School, we believe in making every child’s childhood beautiful. To make every child an avid reader, we’re trying to engage them through different learning techniques. Check our website for further details.

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