3 Features Of A Good Early Learning Environment

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Preschool or nursery is a crucial period in a child’s life as their foundation of learning is set during that phase. They discover that learning can be fun as the framework for advanced learning is set. If you are enrolling your child in a nursery school, it is your responsibility to ensure that the learning environment makes them feel welcomed and ease their transition from home to school.

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A good nursery school should offer the perfect start to their day and let them move from one activity to another smoothly. If you think including gardening and forest school activities in their early learning phase will make things better for your child, choose Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School.

Few Vital Features Every Early Learning Environment Should Have

•           Safety

Not only should a nursery school prioritise the safety and security of its students, but it should also be reflected in the design of the learning space. The chairs and desks in the classroom should not have any exposed hardware or sharp edges. They should also be sturdy to prevent children from tipping over. If there is a cabinet in the classroom with dangerous materials or cleaning supplies, it should be properly locked and at a higher elevation.

•           Appropriate For Their Development

It is the school’s responsibility in Reigate to ensure that every piece of furniture in the classroom is appropriate for their development. The chairs’ height should be according to their height. When they are sitting on a chair, there should be a sufficient gap between the table top and the top of their knees so they can rest their elbows comfortably. If the tables are too big, it might become challenging for the students to reach across and get anything from their teacher or friends.

•           Easily Accessible

If you want children to learn how to directly place materials of a shelf or in a bin without a teacher’s aid, there should have shelving units in the classroom that are easily accessible by them. The racks should be clearly labeled so that children can recognise those and put the materials accordingly. Every item should have a well-defined place on the shelf. It will make them more independent and enhance their self-confidence.


Since you are now aware of all the vital features every early learning environment should have, it is time you enroll them in Portfield Farm Nursery & Forest School.

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